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This is the official development site of the Java Specification Request 80 (JSR80). This project is licensed under the Common Public License and is developed using the Java Community Process. It is officially assigned the java package "javax.usb".

Please read the FAQ!

The project has a mailing list, and file releases. The API release contains just the javax.usb API. The OS-independent Reference Implementation contains a common partial implementation of javax.usb, and the Linux Reference Implementation connects the common RI to the Linux USB stack. All three packages are required for a functioning javax.usb (on Linux). The releases contained in the CVS repository are:

There is also a BSD implementation created by Ricoh. For more information, visit either their global site or US site and register for the Ricoh Developer Program (RiDP).

There is a draft overview available. The API JavaDoc is also available. The RI(s) JavaDoc is available with the package(s), but not yet provided online.

This site is graciously hosted on VA Software's SourceForge. Please see the project page for more information.

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